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Why podcasting?

Why should you invest in a podcast for your business? Here are some recent articles about the stats and money made in podcasting.

Edison Research Report 2018

  • Podcasting is growing: monthly listeners grew from 24% of Americans 12+ to 26% year over  year.
  • Podcast listeners are more likely to own a smart speaker.
  • Listening in vehicles is growing.
  • Podcasting’s Share of Ear has doubled in four years.
  • Podcasts are the number one audio source by time of consumption among podcast listeners - Edison Research, The Podcast Consumer 2018

Midroll Media pulls in $11M for Q1, profitability undisclosed

Podcast content and advertising company Midroll Media harvested $11-million in first-quarter revenue, according to the Q1 earnings call for parent company Scripps. How that haul filtered down to the bottom line was undisclosed in the call: “We’re not breaking out profitability by business,” said Laura Tomlin, SVP of National Business at Scripps. “But I would say we’re really pleased with the profit that we delivered this quarter [for the company as a whole], and we expect revenue growth to continue for each business throughout the year.” - Brad Hill, “Midroll Media pulls in $11M for Q1, profitability undisclosed” RAIN news, May 8th, 2018

Podcasting Fans.png

Podcast fans are big spenders. 

"The average US household spends $3,981 on consumer packaged goods (CPG) annually. When we take a look at households with podcast listeners, the CPG spend jumps to $4,036. Fans of specific podcast genres, such as Sports, and TV & Movies, spend even more annually."

Jay Green | Cadence13, “The Purchasing Power of Podcast Fans” Medium, May 1st 2018

Why do millennials ask for a specific bottles of wine? Answer, wine podcasts.

- Mike Dunn. “Forget taste and smell. Sound is the new way to sell wine to millennialsThe Sacramento Bee, March 14th, 2018