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Richer Life Lab Podcast

Miranda Shafer

The Richer Life Lab bills itself as "the science and art of managing money, career and life."

Laura Adams and Kate Rodriguez host the podcast. Laura is a nationally recognized personal finance expert and the host of the Money Girl Podcast, which has been downloaded more than 40 million times. Kate is a freelance writer who specializes in employment and professional development.

Each episode is full of practical information and personal experiences geared at helping listeners balance money, career and life. 

As a producer my responsibilities include:

  • Edit the weekly podcast with two show hosts who record their tracks remotely
  • Instruct remote guests doing interviews via Skype on how to achieve the best sound quality
  • Use professional software to edit, reduce noise, and improve audio quality
  • Furnish creative ideas for show topics and content delivery
  • Organize and maintain the production calendar and task assignments  
  • Provide voice coaching and technical support to hosts and guest interviewers
  • Provide post production and musical scoring